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Physics and Art against CO2

The Linear Mirror and the Closed Cycle of Biomasses

The project focuses on the cultural theme of renewable energies, to disseminate knowledge in this area, emphasizing the importance of the contact that science must have with society, and in particular with art, in order to produce technology that respects nature. As an example, the focus is on solar thermal energy and the use of waste biomass, with the demonstration of a virtuous closed cycle that can contribute to the replacement of fossil fuel. A solar concentrator (spectacularly exposed in the Library garden), and a toaster who uses the hot air supplied by the Mirror to toast poor biomass are shown. The scientific dissemination – done via dedicated talks - is accompanied by artistic reflections on the theme of light and power of the Sun, its interaction with matter and sustainability. Several artists present their works and peculiar photography workshops are offered.  
Philologists and classicists show how science and art were integrated parts of culture at the roots of European culture. 

Year by year the CO2 content of the atmosphere rises. Pushing our planet towards desaster. It is evident, that existing technologies cannot solve the problem.
Where are the new technologies, which are urgently needed? Has physics come to an end? Has engineering come to its very limits? In our physics & art project we want to show, that a new way of doing physics is possible: physics not done in some ghetto, separated from the rest of culture and society, organized by administrators.
But rather physics as part of human culture. For the last years this approach was very successful: first we developed the Linear Mirror, an innovative system for harvesting concentrated solar heat energy. 
The Linear Mirror is simmple, economic, efficient and it works also in winter and at norther latitudes. It is more convenient than fossil fuels.
The Linear Mirror opens the door to a whole new renewable industry, because it is able to roast waste biomass, which otherwise would decompose to CO2 and heat during the winter, the roasted biomass we call "solar carbon", since it can substitute the fossil fuels in all applications. In order to gasify the solar carbon, we have developed a very simple, automatic gasifier.
Right now providing thermal heat from renewable enregies is a priority. But in the future one also wants to make electrical energy from solar carbon. Conventional turbines have many limitations, so we want to use something better, the eolipile. The physics behind the Linear Mirror as well as the eolipile were present in the big library of Alexandria. So it is wonderful to present now the development of this lost European science again in a library, the library at Trieste.