Contemporary Shower - Fabiola Faidiga

In the context of ESOF 2020, the artist prepares and exhibits a series of introductory panels of the contemporary shower project born from his encounter with the physicist Hans Grassman. Contemporary Shower is a relational experiment that - intersecting art, physics and the human body (in the excellence of sport, in this case synchronized swimming) - goes to discover those points of tangency aimed at human and scientific knowledge and development. Contemporary shower wants to urge the scientific world and social life to act more consciously considering the need for a global use of renewable energies, to bequeath to the future generations a better and cleaner planet by demonstrating that art is able to create visible links between science, society and ethics. The presence of the Linear Mirror, which converts sunlight into heat (as Archimedes already indicated more than 2200 years ago) allowing the heating of the water, becomes the main fulcrum around which all the artistic / scientific narrative in the area develops.