Stenotipie - Luigi Tolotti

We make photographs using the iPhone or the Huawei. Those are essentially very powerful microcomputers, they have more power than Aoollo had. And they have memory chips, and very complex software. If you want to understand all of this, you need to study Shannon and Turing and many others, its called information theory.

Luigi Tolotti is making photographs not with an iPhone, but with a little hole. He shows us, that what is done by the supercomputer and billions of bits, can also be done by a pin hole camera. And Tolottis photographs are beautiful.
His camera obscura is not explained by infromation theory. But it does process information. So it shows, that present information theory cannot be the last word. There must be a more fundamental theory. And it must be beautiful.

Our physics&art project is not just about exhibition. Its about collaboration, its a performance. During the preparation of the project, in the many discussions beteen physicists and artists, Tolotti has created his latest masterpiece "organized science". See to believe.